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Lime render

Lime rendering for historic properties

Ensure you choose the right type of rendering for listed and historic properties, thanks to Render Life Ltd. Contact our team in South Wales for a competitive quote.

Period-correct rendering services for properties across South Wales

When it comes to rendering a historic property, it’s important to choose the right type, in order to preserve its authenticity and heritage. Lime-based render is a traditional material that has been used for centuries, and is perfect for use on older buildings (early and pre 20th century).


Render Life are highly experienced in the application of lime rendering, and can ensure that your property looks fantastic, whilst retaining its history.

  • Breathable. Lime plaster is very breathable, which means it won’t trap moisture in walls  

  • Flexible. Even when set is has some flexibility, which helps to prevent cracking

  • Period correct. This material has been used for many years, and will complement any existing rendering on your historic property

  • Eco-friendly. Made with natural materials, it has a lower carbon footprint than some other types.

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