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A trusted name in Parex rendering

Parex produce a wide range of specialist rendering products, ideal for a range of applications. Contact Render Life Ltd to see if this is the ideal choice for your property. We cover South Wales and the surrounding area.

10 year 

The ideal choice for your property

Parex is a long-lasting rendering product, and suitable for most types of external masonry. It is a fantastic choice for a range of repairs, new-builds and renovations. They also produce lime render, making them the ideal choice for repairs to heritage and listed properties.


Render Life is an experienced team that can handle Parex rendering, plastering and other projects, throughout South Wales and beyond. We are a family run business with over two decades of experience. We have worked

on both domestic and commercial projects, and look forward to bringing out the best in your property.

Parex is a durable, waterproof material that can enhance the appeal of any property. It looks fantastic when dried, and can help improve the appearance of a home, and cover tired, mismatched or unsightly brickwork. When installed by professionals – such as Render Life – it can even help boost the value of your property. Parex is not just about style. Its durable nature makes it ideal for taking on the elements, and is a fantastic choice for homes and businesses. Its composition allows trapped vapour to leave the surface, but prevent water getting back in.

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Make Render Life your number one for Parex rendering. Email our team in South Wales today.

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